Earthquake: Plan for 18th April
Recce trip...
Vile weather overnight, very limited access to Kumamoto on the 17th.

We have discussed access with someone from a Kumamoto based animal rescue group.

We believe there is no point yet trying to visit an area close to the epicentre - many roads are impassable and we would be getting in the way of the emergency services. Many people still do not have food/water.

We would most likely be turned back. At best, we would be in the way and become "part of the problem".

Instead we have been advised to start by visiting the Tamana City area. This is on the northern outskirts of the emergency zone - people have been evacuated, but the road system is still in some sort of shape.

From there we can move as far into the damage zone as we are reasonably able.


We are gradually making contact with the relevant agencies in the area.

We have also contacted Oita and Kumamoto "Information for Foreigner" services, so that English language speakers know there is help available.

Our vehicle is quite small, so this is what we will take on this first recce.


We have been told that cheap dog/cat food (such as is pictured) is a false economy as it leads to bad smells in the evac centres, some of which may not be keen on animals in any case.

Thank you to anyone who has donated - we won't find out until Monday or Tuesday, when it turns up in our bank account.

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