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NPO CATNIP animals are vaccinated, spay/neutered and microchipped before adoption. We have a modest rehoming charge of 20,000yen.  [ more ]
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Appeal: launched 2021-08-31
Target: ¥71,197 [Raised ¥62,284 THANK YOU!]
Rescue and treatment of kitten injured when it climbed into the underside of a vehicle.
62,284 yen raised as of 2022-11-27
[Bon was rehomed on 2nd December 2021!]
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  • NEWS CATNIP TNR Programme Catnip has commenced a TNR programme working with street and feral cats. more
  • NEWS Credit Card We can now accept assistance by credit card, via Stripe. more
  • NEWS Foster Families wanted! Help us socialise kittens by fostering them at your home. No long term commitment. more
  • NEWS TNR Tani Launch of a "community page" template to give instant feedback to the cat feeders in a community when we TNR a local animal. more
  • NEWS Photo and Video Contest Animal Fund Wannyan Photo and Video Contest more
TNR: Trap Neuter Return.
Help us to help feral cats and reduce the street cat population in a humane way [ more ]

CATNIP has done TNR in many areas around Fukuoka, and as far away as Nagasaki. Some projects are best done "below the radar" due to local sensitivities.
A few of our projects are below.