Supported Rehoming & Long term Fostering
Cats for elderly people, people here for a limited time and people who aren't local.
Some cats are available for "Supported Rehoming" or "Long term Fostering".

Supported Rehoming is for:
  • elderly people, who are worried that they can't make a long term commitment due to possible health issues;
  • people in unusual situations.
Ownership of the cat is passed to you, but the cat can come back to the shelter permanently if you are unable to look after it. We can provide support with taking the cat to the vet, but you are responsible for vet fees and the cat's day to day expenses.

Supported Rehoming is rehoming, with a safety net.

Long term Fostering is for:
people for whom neither rehoming nor short term fostering are appropriate, and who need to set a time limit.

e.g. someone
  • who lives far from the shelter (up to 2.5 hours drive from Fukuoka city) or;
  • who can't cope with the emotional wear and tear of foster cats coming and going or;
  • who is in Fukuoka for a fixed period - e.g. an overseas student or worker.
In this case the cat is owned by CATNIP and CATNIP is responsible for vet costs. You pay the cat's day to day living expenses.

Long term Fostering is giving cats a temporary home within a specific time-frame, providing stability to both you and the cat. CATNIP handles vet fees and bills.

Available cats:
cats on the scheme are usually hard-to-rehome cats: e.g.
  • older cats;
  • FIV+ cats;
  • cats with special needs.
In all cases we will tell you all we know about the cat, and support you for the time it is with you. These cats are also available for rehoming in the usual way.

We will remove the cat at 24 hours notice if requested, often sooner.