Online Fostering Application

Note: If you want to make an additional payment for a cat you are already online fostering, please contact us via our contact form.

The process:
1: Choose the cat or cats
2: Read the Online Fostering FAQ.
3: Check the payment options if you will pay by bank/PO transfer.
4: Fill out this application form

We will then contact you, and ask you to make the payment. When we receive the payment we will update the website. [Please do not make a payment until we have contacted you.]

Section 1 : About you...

* What is your real name?
    We need this to match with the name on the payment you send.
    You can choose a "web-name" later in this form, if you wish.

If you have a preferred rendition of your name in katakana, type it here.

* Only people over 18 may Online Foster a cat.

I am 18 or older
I am younger than 18

* Your e-mail address.

* Please type that same email address again.

Section 2 : About the animal you are "Online Fostering"

* Which cat or cats do you plan to Online Foster?

* For how many months will you Online Foster the cat?
    [If you plan to fund it on an ongoing basis, type "ongoing" here.]

* At what rate?

¥1000 a month - "half" a cat.
¥2000 a month - a "full" cat.

* How much, in yen, will your first payment be? [E.g. If you are supporting a cat
    at ¥1000/month and plan to pay 3 months now, type "3000yen" here.]

Section 3 : About what goes on the web-page...

If you prefer to use a pseudonym / web-name, type it here. Please keep it short.
[Business/company names and links are fine, but we reserve the right to decline if we think they are not in keeping with the CATNIP website.]

Optional: link to your Instagram

Optional: link to your Twitter

Optional: link to your FaceBook

Section 4 : About your payment...

* How do you plan to pay?)

Post Office
Bank Transfer
PayPal [We will send you an email address.]
Credit Card [See next section]

Section 5: If you plan to pay by credit card...

You will be sent a link to make the initial payment. You can choose to make either a single payment for all cats and all months, or to pay monthly. Monthly payments can be either manual or automatic.

I will make a one time payment for the full amount
E-mail me a link each month to pay manually.
Automatically debit the credit card each month until the end of the payment period.

Please add any additional information or clarifications you would like us to consider.

* Please type the code on the left into the field on the right, to prove you are a real person. You can also click the speaker icon to have the code read out.