Vets: what you can expect when dealing with NPO CATNIP.
What we ask of vets we deal with...
The only person authorised to speak for CATNIP is the Director, Nick May.

1: You will always be paid immediately, in cash or - more usually - by credit card. We will never attempt to defer payment.

2: If someone claiming to be from CATNIP asks to defer payment of a vet's bill, refuse - then please contact us immediately using our contact form, including your telephone number. See 1.

3: We expect to pay for treatment - but we are an NPO, funded by donations and supporters, so costs are always an issue. We understand you are a business and have to make a profit. We also understand that being a vet is stressful. Unless it is a medical emergency, we will expect to discuss all treatments with you before you apply them.

4: We are committed to blood-testing, vaccinating, microchipping, and neutering all animals in our care.

5: If we ask you to treat our animals regularly we will sit down with you before-hand and discuss our protocols.

6: We are not "emotional" about animals.