Giving : Fostering
Our foster families are very special people - we ask you to give all your love and care to an animal, for a while, then let it go - off to a new life in a new home.
We expect to be particularly in need of foster families over the coming months, as we process animals from the earthquake zone.

CATNIP has facilities to accommodate some animals, but we do not currently run our own refuge.

Instead we rely on short term foster-parents to look after animals until they can be rehomed and use our own accommodation as backup.

Essentially we believe that animals are often better with a family than in a shelter.

Our foster families are very special - we ask you to love and care for an animal, just for a while, then let it go - off to a new life in a new home.

Not everyone can cope with that... It takes a special sort of person.

Sometimes animals will be traumatised and need time to recover and become socialized. That takes patience.

We need you to be flexible - at some point, someone looking to adopt an animal has to see it so they can bond with it.

We provide food and pay medical expenses for the animal while it is your care.

As part of our screening process, we will visit your home.

If you are in rented accommodation, we may ask you to provide evidence that your lease permits you to keep animals.

In general our foster families must have prior experience of keeping animals.

Not every person making an application is suitable, but we will try to make your interaction with us as "un-bruising" as possible.

We particularly welcome applications from foreign residents who are not in Japan permanently, but who have kept animals before.

All animals are fostered on the basis of a formal fostering agreement under which NPO CATNIP retains legal responsibility for the animal.

If you think you might be the sort of person we are looking for, please fill out our foster application form