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About how money gets from our GoFundMe appeal to us here in Japan.
We have been raising funds for earthquake relief through a GoFundMe appeal. (https://www.gofundme.com/pczur4u4) All money we receive from this appeal goes directly on earthquake relief for animals.

GoFundMe requires that a US Citizen withdraws donated funds into their US bank account, via WePay, from which it is is transferred to NPO CATNIP's bank account in Japan.

With the help of Marg Topping, who has acted for us in the US, we have recently received the first tranche of your donations here in Japan.

Thank you. We have already spent them directly on earthquake animals and pet owners.

The process:
NPO CATNIP receives all monies you donate minus GoFundMe / WePay Fees, bank transfer charges and any currency conversion charges.

The path is:
GoFundMe == (via WePay) => Marg Topping (US) => NPO CATNIP (JP)

GoFundMe states:
"GoFundMe will deduct a 5% fee from each donation you receive. WePay deducts 2.9% + $0.30 per donation."

The first tranche of money was withdrawn on April 23rd. We received it in Japan on May 6th, due to "Golden Week" public holidays.

A total of $730 was withdrawn from the GoFundMe account

This incurred a total of $53.23 in GoFundMe/WePay fees.

The remainder was $676.77.

This was transferred to NPO CATNIP - we received ¥71,041.

Marg Topping incurred a wire charge fee of $40 for this transfer, which will be taken from the next tranche of money.
We have posted an Excel file of the exact amounts.
We have posted some screenshots or scans of all stages of the process. See the file bundle.

Files / Screenshots

  • 0a: screenshot of excel file
  • 0b: the excel file itself
  • 1: Withdrawal from GoFundMe to MT
  • 2: Withdrawal from GoFundMe to MT [ we had daily withdrawals switched on in error ]
  • 3: Withdrawal from GoFundMe to MT [ we had daily withdrawals switched on in error ]
  • 4: Funds in MT's account
  • 5: Wire Transfer to NPO CATNIP
  • 6: Receipt of Funds record, CATNIP

The files can be downloaded here

Note 1: There is a second tranche of money for $229.65 that is being transferred now - it will be documented when the transfer to Japan is complete.

Note 2: Bank account details and the email address of Marg Topping have been blanked out for privacy.
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