APPEAL! We are looking for more foster families...
We are looking for additional foster families, and money to equip them with a basic cat welfare kit. This has become particularly pressing with the recent Kumamoto earthquake.
... we are also trying to raise 100,000 yen to kit them out with the basics of what a cat or dog needs. If you can't take an animal yourself, you can help with donations of items or money

We are particularly open to settled foreigners who cannot adopt because they plan to leave Japan at some point, but who have a lot to offer an animal in the short term.

  1. You must be in or around Fukuoka.
  2. You must have prior experience with cats and/or dogs.
  3. You must be able to keep an animal in your apartment or home.
  4. We don't pay you - but we do pay for food and vet.
  5. We will set you up with the basics of what the animal needs in its daily life.
  6. We will provide support to you both in person and through our private online support forum.
  7. We will communicate with you in native speaker English or Japanese, as appropriate.
  8. Fostering is done on the basis of a legal agreement in which NPO CATNIP retains legal responsibility for the animal.
  9. We can remove the animal from you, no questions asked, in an emergency.

If you have questions, drop us a line through our contact form - or apply directly using our web-form.
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