Rehoming Network
We aim to help people and groups across Japan themselves to re-home and care for companion animals in their local area.
Our “Rehome Network” service is for people trying to re-home companion animals.

It lets you put an animal you are trying to rehome in front of visitors to our website.

Both you and the animal you are rehoming must be in Japan. Please do not apply if you are outside Japan.

This is a "manual" system - we have certain protocols and we will expect you to provide documentation for the steps we outline.

We will add your animal only after we have done some basic checks. Expect it to take a little time.

We do not charge for this service.

Who it is for:

Responsible re-homers or re-homing groups, living in Japan who are are trying to re-home one or two companion animals a year on a strictly non-commercial basis.

Who it is not for:

  1. Breeders and/or people who are trading in animals .
  2. People who have found a box of kittens/puppies and just want to get rid of them to the first person who comes along.

… if you are a beginner

...if you are someone who just wants to do their best for an animal - but are not sure what best-practice is for rehoming - of course you are welcome too.

We have an online forum where you can ask questions and get assistance. Drop us a line on our contact form and explain your situation, and we will give you what non-financial support we can.

In principle, we will only allow animals into our rehoming network if they are:
  1. Bloodtested against common conditions.
  2. Vaccinated.
  3. Microchipped.
  4. Neutered.
  5. In reasonable health.
  6. At least 8 weeks old. (But you can apply before that. )
  7. Additionally, you must be honest to an adopter about the animal's physical and mental condition.

Getting a very young animal neutered is difficult in Japan – we waive the requirement – and the microchipping requirement, which is usually done at the same time - if the animal is under 6 months and early-neutering is not available in your area. (However, if it is available, you must neuter the animal.)

If you are not sure what early-neutering is, read this

We may also waive neutering for older animals on veterinary advice.

We will need documentary evidence of the above – and we may wish to talk to your vet.


You must rehome the animal with a formal rehoming agreement.

If a young animal – a kitten or a puppy – is rehomed before neutering or spaying, the adopter must agree in writing to neuter/spay and microchip the animal when it is 6 months old.

You must ensure that the adopter does not have moral objections to euthanasia if the animal is suffering – so that it can have a dignified death when the times comes.

You must visit the adopters home to check it is suitable.

You must ensure the adopter can look after the animal for the whole of its natural life.

You may not represent the animal as being in any way the responsibility of NPO CATNIP.

If the placement subsequently breaks down, you accept that NPO CATNIP has no responsibility for the animal.

Preparing the documents we require will take a fair amount of time, so we suggest that you consider carefully whether or not our Rehoming Network is for you.

If you are responsible rehomer, and you feel that we could reasonably make our vetting procedures less onerous, we are happy to discuss it with you.

Recouping Expenses.

You may not "charge money" for an animal that you are rehoming, but you may recoup up to 15,000yen from the adopter against receipts for veterinary fees for blood-testing, microchipping and vaccinating of the animal.

You may recoup up to an additional 15,000yen against a receipt for the neutering/spaying of the animal. (If the animal you are trying to re-home isn't a dog or a cat, we will apply reasonable conditions appropriate to the animal.)

If you wish to recoup expenses in this way, then as part of our vetting process we will ask to see receipts.

You may not recoup more than the value of the receipts. You may not recoup any other veterinary fees from the adopter.

To be clear: you may recoup the above from the adopter – not from NPO CATNIP.

NPO CATNIP accepts no financial or legal responsibility for any animal placed in the Rehome Network section of our website and we do not provide any subsidy.