Rehoming Network : Checklist
1: Read all the documents in this section

2: Make electronic copies (scan, or create legible, high-quality photos) of

SNAP test (for cats) / ???? test for Dogs.

Vaccination certificates

Rabies-shot certificate – (for dogs older than….)

Neutering certificate or receipt.

Microchip documentation.

(Very young or old animals may not have all of these, for good reason – but in principle they are all required.)

3: Prepare the name, address, homepage link and telephone number of your vet. We are going to ask you for it.

4: Take at least 5, but up to 10, high quality photos and have them ready in electronic form. (JPEGs only please – basically, what comes out of an ordinary smartphone camera.)

5: Read all the documents in the ADOPT: Network Animal section – these explain the process that people who are interested in your animal will go though in order to contact you.