Our aims and purpose
Our formal "aims and purpose" from our NPO Founding Statutes.

NPO CATNIP aims to improve the lives of companion animals, educate the next generation of citizens and residents in animal welfare, help the current generation of citizens and residents better to care for companion animals and promote social and legal changes that benefit such animals.

We acknowledge that many of Japan’s foreign residents wish to make a contribution to civil society and aim particularly to encourage their participation in improving animal welfare. We thus try to provide our services in Japanese and other languages.

We aim to help people and groups across Japan themselves to re-home and care for companion animals in their local area.

We aim to help people across Japan to become involved in animal welfare groups in their local area.

We aim to import “animal welfare international best practices” from overseas, and apply them, as appropriate in Japan.

We aim to research and provide information in English, Japanese and possibly other languages about the state of animal welfare in Japan, with a view to promoting social change.

We rescue and re-home companion animals, and may undertake associated activities such as TNR.

We assist older people to adopt/foster older animals, with appropriate support.

We particularly focus on using new technologies to further our aims.

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