Where the Money Goes
How we spend your money.
Our largest ongoing costs are for veterinary care for animals we re-home.

As a matter of course all cats are tested for FIV and FeLV (the former is not uncommon here) using the SNAP test (about ¥3,300, including consultation fees). If a positive result is indicated further tests may be required. All animals are vaccinated (about ¥8,800 total, two injections a month apart), micro-chipped (¥3,300), and where possible, neutered, (¥5,000 to ¥17,000) prior to leaving us.

In a straightforward case a male kitten will thus cost in the region of ¥21,000 to prepare for rehoming rehoming. For a female, rather more.

It costs at least ¥2,000 a month to keep a cat in our shelter.

We charge a fee of ¥20,000 when we rehome an animal.

We do not pay foster parents, but we do pay for the animal's food and any authorised vet bills while it is being fostered.

If you would like to help us and are wondering whether to give money or donate time, please give money.

To be brutally clear, our activities are constrained by a lack of money. We will expand what we do as resources become available.