Security FAQ
1: Is the payments page secure?

Yes. We use TLS (SSL) with strong encryption. ( We  currently score an “A” rating on the Qualys SSL Labs test  -

2: You refer to everything as a "payment"....
We can accept your payment in exchange for a grateful gesture of thanks from us. (If you need more information on this wording drop us a line and we will explain the reason.)

3: Am I giving my credit card details to NPO CATNIP?

No! NPO CATNIP never sees your full credit card number or your security code (CVS - the 3 digit number on the back of your card)

When you press “pay now”, your web browser uses Javascript to send your credit card details directly to our payment processor, STRIPE via a secure gateway. 

Your credit card number and CVS is never sent to CATNIP’s server.

4: What credit card information IS shown to CATNIP?

We are shown the last 4 digits of your card number, the card type and the expiry date. 

This lets us identify the transaction if you have queried it. 

5: Do you store THAT credit card information on your server?


6: Are payments tax deductible?

Not at present. 

7: Can I use a credit card from any country and in any currency?

We accept major credit cards from almost any country (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, and JCB) and in almost any currency.

8: I don’t see my currency on the list of currencies. Can I still make a payment?

Certainly - just select a currency from the list that you are comfortable with. Your credit card company and our bank will handle the currency conversion. The “Currency list” is there because most people find it easier to “think” in their local currency. We use a GeoIP service to help us show you the currency we think you are most likely to want to use.

9: Are there other ways I can help?

If you would like to sponsor our TNR work you can pay a set amount - from $1 up - for each cat we Trap, Neuter and Release via our Director, Nick May's "Patreon" project. (This uses PayPal.) If you are inside Japan you can donate via the Post Office or by bank transfer into our bank account. This is easy - we can send you a pre-printed post office payment slip if you need it.

10: Why isn’t my payment being processed?
There is a range of reasons. You may have entered incorrect details - so check them and try again - or there may be a problem with your credit card. If you have repeated problems, let us know on: touch/mouse-over to see...

11: I made a mistake / have sobered up / want to cancel my payment.

Contact us on: touch/mouse-over to see...