CATNIP Animal Adoption Process
What to expect if you apply to adopt an animal in the care of CATNIP.
Thank you for considering adopting an animal from NPO CATNIP.

We are willing to consider any person over the age of 20.

We do not have an upper age limit.

[We do not rehome to members of the discipline services such as the military/SDF, police or firefighters.]

We are looking for a compelling story about the animal's care over its full life. So please try to look at things from the animal's point of view – and consider not just what it can give to you, but what you can give to it.

In practice this means we are unlikely to rehome a kitten to an elderly person unless they have family support - but we might rehome an older cat...

NPO CATNIP is based in Fukuoka.

We are primarily advocates for the animal - and it's the animal's interests that will be foremost in our minds when we talk to you. But we do also want to make sure that the little person who comes to live with you suits you and your family.

The animal won't be happy with you if you don't take him or her to your hearts.

Our adoption process starts with you filling out our “Apply to adopt” web-form. This will take about 6 or 7 minutes.

If we think you are a good fit for the animal, we will arrange to come to your home and let you meet it, if possible with all the members of your family present.

If appropriate, we may also follow-up with your apartment owner to check it is ok to keep an animal there – or, more likely, we will ask to see your lease/contract.

All being well, the animal would come to you for a trial period of two to four weeks - we call that a "homestay". At the end of the homestay, if both sides are happy, you will sign a rehoming agreement.

If you would like to see sample copies of these document, you can do so here:
Samples: homestay agreement coming soon | rehoming agreement.

If we are rehoming the animal with you before it is fully vaccinated, neutered and microchipped we would also have you sign an agreement that you would let us arrange this. (In most cases we will pick the animal up from you when it is at the appropriate age for neutering, take it to the vet and return it to you.)

We make a 20,000yen rehoming charge. However, that includes blood-testing, vaccination and neutering.

[If we are rehoming a kitten, the charge will be for the "cost to date" of vaccination. We will ask you to sign an agreement that you will complete the vaccination process (kittens need two vax), neuter/spay and microchip.

We will also keep in touch, once a year or so, just to see how things are going.

Note that the animal will almost always be micro-chipped, with NPO CATNIP's contact details.

(Many animals come to us after having been abandoned when the owner moved apartment, so we prefer not to have the owner's address on the chip. This way, the animal always has a second chance. Should you leave Japan, we will transfer it into your name.)

Very rarely, animals are neutered as TNR animals, but for one reason or other subsequently become eligible for rehoming. They are not chipped at the time of neutering. We will chip before rehoming.

When we review applications, there are of course times we have to say "thank you, but no". We don't do so casually, people apply with the best of intentions and a heart full of love. But it is the animal's best interests that have to be our first concern.

What we promise is that we will try and make your interaction with us as “unbruising” as it can be.

We treat Japanese and foreign applicants in exactly the same way – we know that Japanese people are often moved around Japan - and sometimes overseas - at short notice by their companies. But if you are a foreigner here do expect us to be particularly interested in your visa status, your long term residency plans and what would happen to the animal were you to leave Japan.

Please read our FAQ before applying.

Click here to start the adoption application process.

Nick May, Director.