Tumble   [Id:1197-134, NPO Catnip, Fukuoka ]
TNR cat gave birth at shelter..
Sex:Female [neutered]
Character:Affectionate / love cuddles
Experience Level:First time owner
Compatibility:Good with other cats
Hair Length:Long hair
Came to CATNIP:2022/04/28
On Website Since:2022/05/14
Status: FeLV  [ negative ]
FIV   [ negative ]
Age: approx. 1 year, 11 months, 2 days as of today.
About ...
Tumble is adorable - she races around at speed and likes to climb on high things. She loves affection. She is lovely to look at - a really nice, happy little cat who just gets on with life and enjoys it.

But she has various little medical issues that mean for now she is a sponsor cat only.

She has an odd joint in one of her back legs which makes her slightly susceptible to breaking the bone. She likes to climb things, but sometimes does not know how to get down.

She also had problems controlling the ph of her urine, so is on c/d food, with an extra supplement. [She has had extensive tests and we speculate that this may be due to the issue with her joint.]

Additionally, she possibly has some sort of slight mental impairment - she walks with her head tilted to one side.

Taken all together, we want to hold on to her for now until we are sure that the bladder issue is under control, and to ensure that she is not susceptible to any other little problems.

But she is a very, very nice cat, so we hope that one day we can place her with someone who could give her the attention she enjoys.

We may be willing to put her out to long term foster with someone who knows cats and is not too far from Fukuoka.
This cat is also available for 'long term fostering' and 'supported rehoming'. [ more information ]
Feeding a cat at our shelter costs about ¥2000 / month. Thank you to Tumble`s Online Fosterer! [About online fostering]
   Lexie2023-02-28to2023-12-30¥2000 / month